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Brian Kolb


Putting New York First

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“People once marveled at New York, the Empire State, a name so richly earned and deserved by the hardworking people who embody our no-quit grit.”

“Years of corruption and mismanagement have taken us off track, but with honest leadership we can fix New York.”

“Albany might have lost its way, but New York families can fight back and fix our state. I'll be the honest leader who will reform New York.”

Who I Am

I'm a proud, native New Yorker. I've spent my life in New York, starting and growing businesses, raising my family, and serving my community.

I'm a small business owner who worked hard to create good, middle-class jobs in the second worst business climate in the nation.

I'm a husband, father, and grandfather who, like most New Yorkers, didn’t come from wealth, power, or fame. I understand the value of honesty and I know New York families are working hard every day to overcome challenges.

I'm Brian Kolb, candidate for Governor to bring honest leadership to New York.

“We can lower property taxes. We can grow our economy. We can replace corruption with honesty and transparency.”

“I believe our greatest days are ahead of us.”

“With the right leadership, we can make it happen now.”

Where I Stand

Let's Grow Our Economy for Every New Yorker.”

Too many New Yorkers are working harder than ever but aren't seeing their efforts pay off. With each passing day, more families, students, seniors, and job-creating businesses flee our state. This must stop. We need a leader who will grow our economy and help every New Yorker succeed by bringing good jobs back to our state and making government work for everyone.

Let's Cut Taxes and Make New York Affordable.”

We pay some of the highest taxes and fees in the nation and on Andrew Cuomo's watch, New York has become unaffordable for so many. Enough is enough. We need a leader who will listen to the needs of New Yorkers and put people first for a change, we need a Governor who will cut property taxes and ensure that every New Yorker can have the quality of life we deserve.

Let's End the Political Corruption and Restore Honesty to State Government.”

The corruption plaguing Albany has left New Yorkers saddled with high taxes and dysfunctional government. The bullying and backroom deals that make many of us feel powerless must come to an end. As Governor, Brian Kolb will clean up Albany, root out fraud, waste, and abuse, and restore trust and transparency.